When Will Things Get Better?

September 25, 2017  11:13 am

  With growing frequency, we are being asked by customers, how much longer the shortages in passive components will last. The short answer is (no pun intended), at least until the middle of 2018, and in many cases, beyond that.   Some of these parts, ceramic chip caps in particular, started getting scarce in the […]

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Scrap everything you know about creating strong passwords and do this instead…

September 11, 2017  12:49 pm

You know the drill: make a password with a hodgepodge of special characters, numbers, and letters, then change it periodically – or just ignore change alerts until a hacking scandal suddenly arises. You may want to rethink your strategy. Bill Burr, the man behind how we commonly think of devising passwords, recently told The Wall […]

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